About us

Our approach and milestones

Our vision is a society with equal opportunities

where people can define their own futures through education and work.

How we achieve our vision

As a young foundation, we can make a big difference. But in partnership with others, we can achieve far more. By pooling our strengthscreating synergies and embracing new approaches, we multiply our impact.

In concrete terms, this means that we

  • work closely with our project partners,
  • promote an open learning culture and
  • are transparent in our foundation work.

At the end of 2022, we started to introduce impact management so we could present our funding projects and their results transparently and record their impact.

We understand this concept as a living system that we regularly review and, if necessary, adapt when key factors change.

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By not only offering financial support but also initiating our own projects, we are expanding our operational reach in order to move closer to our vision, step by step.

This was kicked off in 2023, with a scholarship programme offered to trainees in the hospitality and restaurant & catering trade who are faced with particular challenges.



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Our principles

In its work, the One Foundation is independent from a denominational and party-political point of view.

Respect for human dignity is fundamental to our work therefore we oppose all forms of discrimination.

We consistently work in line with our values and are committed to promoting equality, diversity, solidarity, self-efficacy, and tolerance.

We prioritize action that produces results and a willingness to learn from other organisations.

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Establishment of the One Foundation

Integration projects were launched at Motel One in the course of the large refugee movements in 2015/16. During this time, numerous Motel One hotels were opened to refugees. In addition, a comprehensive programme was launched to help motivated people who had been refugees to start training in the hotel industry. This project prompted the founder of Motel One, Dieter Müller, to set up a foundation. This is how the One Foundation came into being.


Initial project funding

The first project funding began in 2019.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held for the construction of the first school in Malawi.


Opening of Chidowola Primary School


We measure impact

We launched our impact management at the end of 2022. Our aim is to measure the impact of our projects on the basis of defined criteria and to make this process transparent.

Further information on impact measurement can be found on our impact page.


The trainee scholarship starts

We started supporting trainees and apprentices for the first time in 2023. We award scholarships that provide monetary and non-monetary support for trainees and apprentices in the hotel and catering industries.

With the trainee scholarship programme, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to equal opportunities and, in particular, to support trainees who are facing challenges.


Qualification programme: Über den Tellerrand München e.V. x Motel One

The One Foundation launches its second operational project. Together with Über den Tellerrand Munich e.V. and in cooperation with Motel One, we offer two weeks of intensive training in hospitality and catering for people with a migrant or refugee background. The aim of the qualification programme is to enable participants to learn the skills they need in the shortest possible time, in order to gain a foothold in the training and labour market.