One Foundation trainee scholarship

In 2023, the One Foundation is awarding trainee scholarships to people training in the hospitality or gastronomy sector for the first time. The scholarship consists of both monthly financial support and non-material support, for example in the form of workshops, mentoring and interaction with other scholarship holders.

Who we support

Our scholarship is aimed at:

  • People in an apprenticeship (Ausbildung) in the hospitality or catering industry or in a corresponding advanced apprenticeship (Aufbauausbildung) in Germany.
  • Age, origin, mother tongue, religion, cognitive or physical abilities and educational background are irrelevant.
  • We want to support committed and motivated individuals who are passionate about their future profession and are motivated to achieve their goals, but who face particular challenges.
  • In particular, we would like to encourage people following the second or third education pathways (zweite Bildungsweg or dritte Bildungsweg, i.e. adult or self-directed education), BIPoC, people with disabilities, people with refugee or migration backgrounds, people with limited financial means and people with experience of discrimination to apply for the One Foundation’s Hospitality Scholarship.

For the One Foundation, outstanding achievements are explicitly not a deciding factor. We recognise the special extra efforts that many people need to make in order to obtain an academic education or vocational qualification.

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The support we provide

The scholarship consists of both financial and non-material support:

  • Monthly training scholarship of up to EUR 500, plus child allowance if applicable
  • Participation in workshops on interdisciplinary topics (e.g. work and self-organisation, working in diverse teams)
  • By individual agreement:
    • Mentoring
    • Digital and diversity-sensitive coaching
    • Support in finding internships
    • Regular interaction with all other scholarship holders

The scholarship holders are free to use the funds as they see fit. That means the money can be used for living expenses, training fees, an internship abroad, an intensive language, tutoring and much more. We assume that scholarship holders will handle the money responsibly and expect corresponding evidence showing how the funds have been used.

For reasons of foundation law, we can only award the trainee scholarship to people who are doing an apprenticeship in Germany.

There is no legal entitlement to funding.

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